I'm a front end developer working on React/Next.js based in Portsmouth and currently open to opportunities. You can drop me a message anytime using my contact details.

I've been using Linux and coding recreationally for about 8 years, and currently running Fedora. In terms of languages and technologies, I have used React and Next.js for 2 and a half years, in addition to Python and PHP where necessary during my career.

When it comes to tools, I use Notion/Google Keep for note-taking, and Trello/Jira for task management. I code pretty much exclusively in JetBrains IDEs, with Neovim as a text editor when needed after fully embracing the wonderful vim motions.

My PGP key can be found in /pgp.txt

For more about my professional experiences, you can find my full CV here or using the navigation.


I created a patch for two popular mods in Starbound which you can find here.

I am also working on my personal blog and a few other ideas.


james [at] jamesl [dot] dev